How to Put Over grip on Pickleball Paddle Like a Pro

This is the best guide you will ever find on how to add over grip to your pickleball paddle. If you're a seasoned player who wants to improve your grip or a beginner who wants to get better, this piece will give you a lot of information and step-by-step instructions. Having the right grip on your pickleball paddle is important for ease, control, and power while you play. Come on, let's learn how to over grip right away!

How to Choose the Right Over grip Material

Picking the right material is very important before we get into the specifics of putting on an over grip. Over grips are made of different materials, such as plastic, leather, and perforated. There are pros and cons to each, so let's list them.

Over grips Made of Plastic

Most people choose synthetic over grips because they are easy on the wallet. They are very good at absorbing sweat and feel good. This is the best option if you want something that is both cheap and reliable.

Leather Handle Covers

Leather over grips give your gloves a high-end feel and last a very long time. They're great for players who are willing to spend a little more on a nice grip. Leather over grips are also better at absorbing sweat.

Over grips with holes

Over grips with holes are made for players who sweat a lot. The small holes in the grip make it better at letting air flow and absorbing sweat. These are the best gloves to wear if your hands get sweaty during games.

Getting Your Paddle Ready

Make sure your pickleball paddle is clean and free of any old grip material or other dirt before you put on the over grip. If the surface is smooth, the over grip will stick well.

How to Put the Over grip on:

Let's go over how to put on an over grip for your tennis paddle step by step.

Starting Point: To start, pull off a small piece of the overgrip tape—about two inches—and find the end that is curved.

Line Up the Tapered End: Line up the overgrip's tapered end with the bottom of your pickleball paddle's handle. Ensure that it is exactly in the middle.

Putting the Tapered End in Place: Hold the tapered end in place with your thumb as you begin to wrap the overgrip around the handle. To keep it tight and even, make sure that each new wrap covers the one before it just a little.

Keep the Tension: As you wrap, keep the tension on the over grip so that there are no wrinkles or bubbles.

Covering the Handle: Keep wrapping until you reach the end of the handle, but leave a small amount of the overgrip sticking out past the end of the handle.

Finishing Touch: Use the adhesive strip that came with the overgrip to secure the end of it, or tuck it nicely under the last wrap.

Making the Grip Smoother: Run your hand along the grip to make sure it's smooth and applied evenly. Check for wrinkles or air bubbles and fix them if necessary.

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