What Pickleball Paddle Does Ben Johns Use?

When it comes to professional pickleball game, one name stands out: Ben Johns. Many would-be pickleball players are curious about what paddle Ben Johns uses because he is known for having great skills and great accomplishments in the sport. We will talk about a lot of different pickleball gear in this piece, including the paddle that the famous Ben Johns used the most.

Pickleball Paddles: A Quick Start

Before we talk about the paddle Ben Johns uses, it's important to know what a pickleball paddle is intended to do. One of the most important things that every pickleball player needs is a paddle. Their effects on a player's performance, control, and general strategy are felt right away.

Different Kinds of Pickleball Boards

Pickleball paddles are made of different materials, forms, and sizes. To pick the right paddle, you need to know about the different kinds that are out there.

  1. Paddles made of material
    A lot of players like composite paddles because they have the right amount of power and control. One common material used to make them is a hybrid material, which is strong and easy to move.
  2. Pads made of graphite
    Graphite paddles are known for being very light and having great touch. Players who value skill and accuracy in their game like to use them.
  3. Paddles made of wood Wood paddles are the usual choice, and people like them because they last a long time. They have their own feel, and casual players often like them better.

Let's look at the paddle that pickleball superstar and well-known player in the sport, Ben Johns, uses now that we know what kind of paddle it is.

Joola Perseus Paddle:

People know Ben Johns for his "Joola Perseus Paddle ." This paddle has become very famous among pickleball fans for a number of reasons:

  1. Very Good Control
    The Johns Signature Paddle gives Ben great control, which lets him make accurate shots and smart moves during his games.
  2. Strength and Spin
    This paddle has a unique shape and is made of high-tech materials that give it the right balance of power and spin. It's easy for Ben Johns to add spin to his serves and volleys and hit hard shots.
  3. Comfort and ease of movement
    The ergonomic design of the paddle makes it comfortable to use during long games, and its light weight makes it easy to move around on the ground.

Why Ben Johns Picked This Pad
It's not a surprise that a great player like Ben Johns would pick a paddle that works well with the way he plays. The Ben Johns Signature Paddle fits his playing style perfectly, which lets him rule the pickleball court.

The JOOLA Ben Johns Perseus paddle comes in 16mm and 14mm sizes. Because JOOLA always wants to bring the newest and best products to market, the Ben Johns Perseus Paddle is the result. After getting straight feedback from the best pickleball player in the world, this paddle has all the important features that a top-level player needs. Every part of Ben Johns's new paddle has been carefully designed and tested to make sure it works just as well at the rec center as it does on center court. The paddle has a new charged carbon surface technology that gives it great power and pop while still having a connected feel that helps you keep your shots on target. The specially designed shape design makes the paddle's sweet spot bigger, which gives you the most forgiveness. The fully encased carbon construction makes the paddle stronger and more stable.

Details about the Perseus 16:

8.0 oz. is the average Weight

Length of paddle: 16.5"

Width of paddle: 7.5"

Length of Grip: 5.5"

The grip's circumference is 4.25"

Details about the Perseus 14:

7.8 ounces on average

Length of paddle: 16.5"

Width of paddle: 7.5"

Length of Grip: 5.5"

Around the grip: 4.125"

In conclusion
It's clear that Ben Johns is very good at pickleball because his paddle, JOOLA Ben Johns Signature Paddle, mirrors that. Because it has a unique mix of control, power, and comfort, this paddle is a great choice for both expert and amateur players. You can find out how this paddle might fit your playing style and take your pickleball to a whole new level now that you know what Ben Johns likes to use.

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